Why You Still Need A TV Ad For Your Business

In the age of social media, businesses may find it tempting to focus their advertising primarily on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever popular online medium is available. I mean, anybody who’s anybody has a social account, so you probably have all your bases covered, right? Think again, friend. While it’s true that you can get a lot of impressions online, a large percentage of people still use their TVs at home, no matter where you are in the world.Since TVs are still a major medium for distributing media and information, it’s always a good measure to invest in reaching your target audiences there.

Here are 2 audience-centric reasons why you should have a TV ad for your product, no matter what your business is, or what industry you belong to:

Videos AreThe Way To The Brain

While it’s certainly cheaper to post daily advertisements online, The video format is arguably the best medium for information consumption. With the simultaneous sensory stimulation of both sight and hearing, viewers are more likely to remember your product if they’ve seen it in a video, particularly in an especially striking commercial.

For small businesses, the urge to avoid TV ad costs is even stronger. But you don’t have to worry about hiring multiple agencies or groups to put together a successful ad; you can find an in-house film agency online that does all the work for you! From script-writing to the finishing touches of your video, you can assure a full package without the hassle of coming up with a juicy plot. Just search for something along the lines of video editing singapore and you’re good to go!

You Reach the Socially-Inactive Demographic

Though virtually everybody is a social media user, there are still a percentage of people that just isn’t hopping on the trend. This could be the older generation, the ever-busy working folk, or even those who just really value privacy in their personal lives. You want to make sure that your message (or your intent to make their lives better) is distributed to all people, and not just the ones that are actively likingeach others’ statuses.

You might even reach those who take breaks in between social media activity, and just happen to be in the vicinity of a TV Screen. You’re going to want to take those chances, because no matter how awesome your ad is, it’s useless without the necessary views.

Though these are only a couple of reasons why you should bet your money on television magic, know that there is a plethora of resources online to back you up on your queries.Ultimately, the most successful companies take the greatest educated risks.



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