Top Reasons Why You Should Learn The Violin

One of the important aspects of musical therapy is through the use of instruments. In the hospitals, part of the recovery is by allowing the patients to play music. With this, they can focus on the rhythm to heal. It can reduce stress and relieve pain. Music can improve the respiration, lower the blood pressure, and relax the muscles.

As such, many people like to learn how to get involved in music. They can do this by learning how to play musical instruments like violin. Here are the top reasons why you must learn the violin now:

Enhance the Posture

Playing the violin requires strong core muscles. If you play without engaging your core, then you are not playing it the right way. Such is true even if you play the violin while sitting like Vov Dylan. It will be very difficult to play the violin if your upper body is not on an upright position.

You need to tighten your abs and bring the shoulders down and back. Then, sit tall as you play the violin. Over time, this posture will become a habit. In the long run, you will find that your posture is getting better not just while sitting but even by walking or standing.

Improve the Dexterity

As you play the piano, both of your hands will be involved in doing a similar task. However, with the violin, the two hands have different tasks to do. You have to press the fingerboard with your left fingers to make notes. The left hand plus the arm will hold the violin.

Meanwhile, the right hand moves the bow at the strings. You can adjust the speed depending on the requirement of the song. Indeed, playing the violin is a good exercise for physical coordination. Moreover, this activity can exercise the brain too.

Strengthen the Arm Muscles

Playing the violin is a great activity to tone the upper body and the arms. Playing the violin requires active arms. In the long run, the muscle groups in this area will develop and be stronger. Meanwhile, the muscles in the shoulders, neck, back, and core will be enhanced too for posture.

Easy to Bring Anywhere You Go

Violin is known as the smallest string instrument. It is portable and lightweight. With this, you can bring this anywhere you go. You can bring this to school, work, or travels.

In a nutshell, violins are loved by many people. It has an important part of our history. As years passed by, it is still continuing its popularity nowadays. This is true because there are many benefits playing violin will give us, such as the things mentioned above.

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