Tips for making the best Italian food

Who doesn’t love good food? If you got a bunch of picky eaters in your family or friends and you need to please them. Going for a Europe based food is the best option. However it’s a must that you should know few tips and tricks and few techniques to help you make the best dish ever. Below are few of the tips to make some really cool European dishes.

Cooking the food till its firm

As you may know when it comes for restaurant quality pasta, it should always be cooked al’dente. It shouldn’t be too mushy as well, if not the whole quality of the pasta goes off. However to check whether your pasta is not overcooked, take a strand and check whether it’s just the way  you want and whether it’s all al’dente.

Use good quality oil

A good oil will make the dish even tastier. One of the most suggested oil would be good quality extra virgin olive oil. The best pasta in Singapore is cooked with really good quality oil.It’s also the best to finish any salads, pastas, or any kind of grilled meat or any other meaty dishes. It will cost more but it’s totally worth it.

Properly season the pasta water.

It’s always a must that you add enough of salt to the pasta water. It is said that the pasta water should actually taste like sea water. Even though you add loads of salt to the pasta water, it will not make the food overly salty.

Do not buy packet cheese.

What is a pasta without loads and loads of cheese? Some may like it with grated cheese and some may not.  It’s a must that you should always look for blocks of cheese so that it’s fresh. However pre grated cheese will be less flavorful and less fresh. So it’s ideal you buy a block of cheese, grate and top your dishes before the serving.

Make it simple

Do not go over board when it comes to dressing the pasta or topping with cheese and any meat items. Basically European food is keeping it simple and fresh. Most of the dishes are made with good and high quality ingredients.  Even if you get the good quality items in small quantities be it good quality mozzarella,  or even freshly plucked cherry tomatoes, and good quality olive oil and cured meat, this will basically transform any dish into a spectacular one.

Add good herbs

Literally every dish is topped with a handful of fresh herbs. When it comes to pasta, it’s a must that you garnish and top it with the best quality and fresh herbs. Be it a salad or even a baked fish, it’s a must you chop of few fresh parsley or even basil and top it up, just to make the whole dish more tastier and better.

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