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Themes for 21st Birthday

Whether you want a simple celebration or a grand celebration with a lot of guests, a 21st birthday celebration has to be unforgettable. Making the party happen according to a theme is one of the modern trends. Here are some of the coolest themes for your coming of age celebrations.


If you want a little adventure, but do not want to go too far, bonfire is the best option. Call all your closest friends and prepare a fire pit at your back garden. You do not need to add a lot of decoration. Just settle for some tassels and crapes hung from the trees. Settle for the usual bonfire food like popcorn, barbecue, marshmallows and with your favourite drinks.


Want to go all out for a massive celebration? Plan a masquerade night to add elegance and sophistication to the celebrations. You can add a mediaevalvibe into the party with your dress codes or a gothic sub theme to it. Get items such as fairy lights, candles, masks, lanterns, and feather to decorate the venue. Find a larger venue where you can hold a 21st birthday party singapore that can accommodate a larger crowd.

Favourite TV Show/ Movie

Are you a diehard fan of Game of Thrones? Or maybe into superheroes, Harry Potter or Disney? Use your geek side to plan your party and make your celebrations fun and unforgettable. Use specific decorations that bring out your favourite movie universe. Customize the birthday banner and invitation to bring out the movie or the show you prefer. To make the event even more fun, you can ask everyone to show up in their favourite character.

Fashion Themed

Let everyone bring out the secret fashion lover inside them with this theme. Add an urban look to the venue using the decoration. Make it colourful with colourful lights or make it stick to one colour scheme such as pink and black or blue and silver. To get a more glamourous look, make It a Parisian party with a replica or the Eiffel tower and a red-carpet. Ask everyone to be creative and pull out their best outfit.

Start your planning early and brainstorm ideas for decoration, food, invitation and dress code. Early planning will help you to make sure everything is in order and you can have the celebration of your life. You can plan small parties by yourself if you prefer to do it in your own and unique way but for larger parties you might need to get the help of a professional event planner.

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