Symptoms that you need to know about gastric cancer

Cancer is known to be one of the leading cause of death worldwide and gastric cancer ranked 5th on the list of the most popular types of cancer.  This type of disease can be devastating and debilitating to a lot of people and their family members, but you have to remember that prevention is always the best cure and early detection of the disease will increase your chance of getting cured.

In this article, we will talk about the possible symptoms of gastric cancer in order to educate all readers on how to tackle this kind of disease.

Gastric cancer is known to be one of the most aggressive types of cancer to date and another thing is that a lot of cases do not show any symptoms while the disease is still on its early stages (1 and 2). Majority of the patients that have been diagnosed are already into its late stages ( 3 or 4) and this is one of the reasons why gastric cancer is quite difficult to detect.


Though there are some similar signs and symptoms that may be correlated to this disease, it does not necessarily mean that a patient may have cancer. But if these symptoms have been showing up for quite some time now, it would be wise to seek for a professional opinion by checking out stomach cancer treatment singapore and learn more about their services offered.


The following are the five most common symptoms that you should watch out for:


1.)Sudden loss of appetite-if you find yourself often skipping meals or eating less amount of food as compared to your normal appetite for no apparent reason then you should have yourself checked.


2.)Sudden or Rapid Weight loss without even undergoing a diet or taking weight loss supplements.


3.)Frequent stomach pains that may differ in intensity. Sometime it may be mild to severe without knowing the reason why.


4.)If you often feel bloated even if you only ate a small meal or you have an empty stomach. Making you feel like throwing up or cause mild heartburn which goes away after taking medicines or antacids.


5.)Presence of blood in your fecal matter or stool- even if you don’t have hemorrhoids. Some patients say that they saw a lot of blood every time they defecate but did not feel any pain at all.

If you happen to experience one or more of these symptoms for quite sometime, it’s better to have yourself checked by a doctor and undergo some tests and get an accurate diagnosis of your current health condition before it’s too late.

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