Swap your tie for a bow tie

Whenever a special occasion pops up girls and women are considered to be the ones who are struggling with the outfit but, the truth is that boys and men are struggling the same. One major struggle is whether to go for a tie or a bow tie. Many prefer bow ties due to numerous reasons. We are here to show why it is, in fact, the better option than ties. Check out the reasons below.




The main reason as to why many tend to go with bow ties is because they are way more adventurous than the normal ties. A charming bow tie will turn your outfit from dull to cool in just seconds. They have a very appealing look that attracts the eyes of any individual. Another thing about bow ties is that they are much more easier to have around. Rather than the hanging tie, you don’t have to throw it around here and there. It wont come in your way when you lean over the food platter. Thereby, you will be avoiding many issues.



You can wear a bow tie to any situation. Your bow tie singapore to a wedding, a cocktail party or anything. A bow tie goes with any outfit. A simple shirt and skinny jeans doesn’t look very fashionable now does it? Throw in a bow tie and it’ll look so much better. You can even add it to any culture. An Indian look can be more styles by adding a bow tie to your sarong and shirt. A bow tie is an appropriate choice in almost every occasion.




Bow ties come in different colours, designs and types. You can select the design you prefer. A typical squared edge bow tie or a bow tie with pointed ends? Whatever you need, bow ties got it. Also, now different materials are being used to create bow ties. There are silk ones, cotton ones and even wood ones. They are definitely unique in their own way.



Bow ties won’t come in your way when you are dancing nor will it be blown away during heavy winds. They are simply easy to wear. You wont struggle with having to adjust it every few seconds. In fact, some bow ties are clip ons. You wont have to follow the technique and spend time getting the perfect bow. They are much easy to use.


Breaking barriers


Bow ties never go out of style. That is because they don’t usually go with a specific fashion. You can mix and match as you prefer.


A bow tie will definitely get heads turned to your direction.



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