Studying in Singapore

Singapore is a country renowned globally for its excellent educational systems. Its leading colleges and institutions have produced unbeatable scores for many scholars. It is also recognised as the world leader in the international education market. So, if you have made a decision to further your studies in Singapore, then rest assured you are on the right path.

A country that spends 20 percent of its budget (approximately $12.8 billion) for maintaining numerous educational plans in its schools and colleges, its high standards have ensured a literacy rate of 97 percent.

The Ministry of Education, the main authority responsible for all educational institutions, supervises all state schools and colleges. It also keeps a close eye on private / international schools and universities. It even provides a unique service in its Language Centre where hundreds of students get free tuition for any languages that are not provided by their schools.


The Ministry has a well-planned out curriculum that is followed by all national schools where individual areas of learning are targeted. The students are then assessed and move onto the program that suits them. This process of intensive teaching, assessment and skill based progress is carried out from the primary to university stages.


After Kindergarten, children who spend six years in Primary sit for what is known as a Primary School Leaving Exam. Based on their results, they can choose a secondary school that suits their merits. Some schools use this opportunity to select especially talented students to further their skills and aspirations.


The next four years, these students are put through a period of intensive study that leads to the Ordinary level stage. Even at this stage, students can hone their skills by choosing between the two streams, technical or academic. After completing the exam successfully, students are guided towards courses based on whatever fields best suit them.


Those willing to pursue higher education can now move towards the Advanced Levels which leads to the University stage. Another popular option that is followed here is the Integrated Programme where students will sit for an International Baccalaureate Diploma. These procedures set down by the Ministry ensure that all children are able to study well, especially in their specific skills and an educated workforce is provided to aid the countries resources.


At the same time, it can be stated as a fact that in Singapore British international schoolcurriculum is just as popular. Not only is it recognised internationally in the highest standard, but gives more opportunities for the international students. Being qualified with British credentials makes it easier to enter any university of your choice.

The number and quality of private schools and colleges are just as high as their educational standards. Most private/international schools also have curriculum that focus on their own regions, if the children are not nationals. The IGCSE and Edexcel examinations are very popular among expatriate families. Obviously, no stone is left unturned when it comes to facilities and services.

This being said, studying in Singapore may be the best decision you can make for your child’s future.

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