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Mistakes to Avoid When Prepping Yourself for the Big Day

If you are planning to get married any time soon then here are a few mistakes you need to avoid when prepping for the big day.

Not Taking Care of Your Body

Be it the bride or the groom, both needs to look equally good on their big day. This is why it is important to take care of your body months before it. If you are someone who is slightly on the heavier side and want to lose some weight then you will have to start prepping way ahead. Start with changing your diet because in order to lose weight you need to have 80% control over the food and the rest 20% depends on the physical activity you do throughout the day. Do include things like fresh fruit juices in your diet to get the natural glow. Make sure you exercise for thirty minutes every day because this helps to get rid of all the toxins and moreover exercise helps to solve skin issue like acne. If you are a guy then you need to build some extra muscles so make sure you hit the gym and don’t forget to double the protein intake as that really helps.

Not Planning It Together 

One cannot plan the wedding all by themselves, there needs to be mutual input from both the sides. This is because you and your partner might have different ideas on the dream wedding. Try to take into consideration your partner’s likes and dislikes too. For example, if your girl wants an outdoor wedding then you could consider booking at wedding venues Yarra valley. This is a beautiful outdoor area which your partner will love. Make sure all the work is divided so one person doesn’t have all the pressure do discuss all the important stuff such as the photographer, the food menu and of course the honeymoon destination as well. People who don’t plan their wedding together are the ones who have the most complaints so avoid that.

Procrastinating All the Time

It is the human nature to procrastinate the work till the very last minute, although this habit doesn’t always get us into trouble when it comes to your wedding you cannot afford to do this especially if you want it to be done perfectly. So once the wedding date is decided to make sure you get the venue sorted, start the planning right away such as deciding on how many functions you want to have, the budget, the dress you are going to wear and etc. When you procrastinate you might miss out on a lot of stuff. For example, you might not get the makeup artist you want because she is already booked.

Lastly, not taking care of yourself is another mistake most of the brides and groom make. They work so hard to make sure that everything goes perfectly that they sacrifice on their sleep and don’t have a balanced diet. You don’t want to look tired and sleepy on the most special day of your life so make sure you have ample sleep and if possible make time for few spa sessions to be all fresh for the day.

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