Ideas to help you plan the menu for a corporate event

In any event the food that you serve plays a major role in either making or breaking the entire event. So as the host you need to make sure that the menu you choose is served in style and also appropriate for the event. Here are some ideas you could use for this.

Match to the place and people

No matter what you choose to serve there should generally be a match between the food, the guests and the venue. If this match is not met, then no matter what event catering singapore you get down, there is a high chance that the entire event may become a flop because either your guests would go in hunger or go with oil stains on their prim white shirts or fancy gowns. So depending on the event you are hosting you need to make sure that there is a match. For an example if you are hosting a product launch, then you might want to go for small snacks or light foods. However, if it is a workshop of some sort and it’s being hosted in the night, then you could serve a bit heavier dinner but nothing too hard to eat and messy!

Incorporate culture

The culture and traditions of a country varies from one to another, and you should be proud if your country has such a distinguishing culture because it sets you apart from the others giving you your own identity. Use this as a base to design your menu for your event especially if you have a lot of foreign guests coming. After all, such exquisite and exotic flavors cannot be offered anywhere and everywhere! So give them the chance to try them out and be proud to be able to do so!

Reflect your brand

Your brand is your identity, just like how traditions are to a country. So incorporate this in to the foods that you set out as well. Have signature dishes, cute cupcakes with your brand logo and flavors that represents your brand, served. You could also design signature cocktails and drinks as well to give an extra touch to the entire thing!

In addition to the above, you could also go for a global theme where foods of different countries are served. But to make it worthier and relatable, you could pick the countries of your foreign guests and serve foods that are native to their countries. This would help you connect with them better and they too would feel touched by your gesture.

So take these ideas in to account and design the perfect menu to be set out in your event. This would help you host not only a successful event but one that would memorable as well!

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