How to throw a surprise party for your best friend

After putting up with all your drama, agonizing whining and hours of complaining about some random dude, the best way to show your best friend that you care is by throwing her a surprise party for her birthday. If she is someone that is sharp and easily notices things, then you might want to be extra stealth with all the planning and organizing. Nonetheless, here are some tips to help you out.

What would she like

Since you might have been friends for years or even months, you might know by now what her likes and dislikes are. So think of what she would want to have as a party theme and plan the party accordingly. While some people would love over the top grand parties, others would prefer a more intimate one with just a few people that they truly care for. So make sure that you do consider this factor as well when you are making plans for the party.

Pick a place

No surprise party is ever complete without a videographer singapore to record the surprise. However, before you book that person, first decide on a place to host the party. If you plan on hosting this outside of the comfort of their home, then think of the places that your best friend would love to be at to celebrate her big day or a restaurant she enjoys dining in. Take these places in to account and choose one where video-graphing wouldn’t also be a problem and plan the day out!

Who’s invited

Like mentioned previously if your friend is more in to close gatherings and not over the top parties, think of the right people to invite. After all, it is only going to be a handful. If it weren’t so as well, still it matters that you think of whom you should be inviting and whom you shouldn’t. If you know she wouldn’t like someone showing up, then don’t ruin the day for her by inviting that person!

Plan out the food

No party is complete without food. Try to get down your friend’s favorite foods or cook them for her if you know how. If there is a place that she has always wanted to visit then try getting them to cater the event if you are hosting it at home. don’t forget to ask those that are invited if they have any allergies or at least set out placement cards near the foods with the ingredients mentioned. This way you can overcome any allergic chaos from ruining your friend’s big day for her!

Take the above tips in to account and plan the best surprise party for your best friend!

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