How To Include Your Children In Your Wedding

If you are getting married for the second time you would definitely want your children to be part of this event. But we understand that while you want them to be there you would not know how to include them. However, before you make any plans you need to talk to them. Make sure that they too want to be a part of your special day. It is only after you receive a favourable answer that you can go on to make plans.

Make Them Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

We know that you are used to seeing the bride and groom’s siblings or friends being bridesmaids and groomsmen. But there is no rule claiming that bridesmaids and groomsmen should be adults. Therefore if your child is over the age of 10 you can ask them to be part of the bridal party. This way they would then be included in every pre-wedding event. This includes everything from the bridal shower to the rehearsal dinner. However, if they are too small to become a bridesmaid or groomsman you should not despair. Instead, you can get them to be a flower girl or even a ring bearer.

Bring Them To Cake Tasting

There are nothing children like more than eating sweets. Therefore that is why you should take your child with you when picking a cake. This would definitely guarantee you the coolest parent award. Furthermore, it can also be a fun activity that your child, you and your partner can do together. Moreover, the child would also be able to tell the guests that they helped pick the flavour. This would help make them feel as if they are an integral part of your special day. Furthermore, it would also help them understand that despite your nuptial they are still important to you.

Get Them Involved In DIY Crafts

As the wedding day nears there are countless activities that you and your partner have to complete together. Many of these are DIY crafts. Therefore that is why you should recruit your child to help you complete these tasks.  If they are a bit grown up you can ask them to help you write place cards. If not, you can get their help arranging the welcome baskets for the guests. These are also activities that are child-friendly. Therefore you have nothing to worry about when you recruit their assistance.

It may be the most important day of your life. But your children are also important. Therefore that is why these tips would help you include them.


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