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How to Help a Co-Worker Deal with the Loss of a Loved One

You will form lasting relationships in your office with your co-workers. Often they become your second family too. So when a co-worker experiences loss, you really have to make efforts to show them that you care. The article details a few things that you can do, to help a co-worker cope with the loss of a loved one.


Be present

Be there for them during this difficult time and help them cope with the pain. Attend the funeral and try to visit your friend before and after the funeral if you possibly can too. They will need a lot of support to get through this hard phase, and your quiet and loving presence will certainly help them deal with the pain better. You can also look for services of condolences flower delivery in Singapore if you are living in that country, and send them blooms to convey your sympathies.

Manage their workload for them

They will naturally need to take a few days off work so help them manage the workload better. Attend their meetings for them and manage their files in an orderly manner for them. Take notes whenever necessary and update them when they come. They will surely appreciate the gesture. If there are special projects that they have to do, try to speak to them when they are free and get all the information you need in order to finish it for them. This will often mean more work for you, but try to do it anyway. Get the help of the rest of the team too while you are doing this and delegate tasks.

Be sensitive

Be sensitive and kind to her when your co-worker returns to office after the funeral. You don’t always have to treat them with sympathy and remind them of their loss. Try to be cheerful around them but don’t push them too hard. Understand that they are still grieving. They may not show it, but their pain would probably be quite raw inside their hearts. So give them time to heal and try to avoid venturing into discussions that will hurt them more.

Be patient
Give them time to heal. You will probably want your old, cheerful co-worker back and you may get frustrated seeing them miserable all the time. But they need to deal with great pain. You don’t know how bad it hurts them so don’t expect them to act normal and be themselves as soon as they return. Be patient when they make mistakes and help them deal with their workloads too.

Your gentle assistance and kind words will surely make a difference in the life of your co-worker.

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