How to choose the best giveaways for your employees:

A lot of corporations are always planning something in the pipeline for their employees at least once or twice every year. If the company wants to save money instead of taking their employees out on a team building they replace it by providing employee appreciation events. This type of events gives the people time to relax and interact with each other by not talking about work related topics. Planning for employee parties can be tedious and most of the time the responsibility falls into the hands of the people from the marketing department. It is also their job to look for suppliers who can supply them with corporate giveaways as part of thanking hard working employees for a job well done. This is also the time where special awards are being given to employees who have had outstanding or exemplary performances for the year. If you happen to be one of the organizers of your company’s’ employee appreciation month, well this article is perfect for you.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of gift ideas are running into your mind right now about what to give out. Below are some common things that can look into before making the decision to place the order in bulk.


Personalized office items are things that employees can use on a daily basis and would be beneficial such as mugs with leak proof covers, ball pens with company logo, desk calendars, annual hardbound planners are among the popular choices. You can talk to the supplier if you wish to personalize each gift item it can also be done as long as you place your orders ahead of time. Cheap door gifts singapore are also very good options and you can try browsing into some online stores selling souvenirs and ask for a sample quotations on their items. .

Another thing that you can do is give away gifts that is related to the companys’ business so your employees can make use of the gifts as often as they can. Popular give away items are laptop bags in the form of sling bags or back packs, mouse pads and USB drives These are practical gift choices for most employees. If you are having a hard time deciding on what stuff to give them you can print out survey forms and let them decide on the best items. Its cheaper getting these items in bulk and almost all suppliers prefer orders to be placed in advance to avoid conflicts on the availability of the items.


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