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How to Be a Supportive Bridesmaid?

If you have been asked by a friend to become a bridesmaid, you will indeed have lots of fun times and tough times to look forward to! Brides-to-be, even the sweetest ones, become control freaks when the big day approaches fast so you will certainly have to practice the art of being patient! The tips that are detailed in the article below will help you become a supportive bridesmaid and make your friend’s life a little easier!

Plan the Bridal Shower

Every single bride-to-be deserves a great bridal shower! If you have been given the honour of becoming her bridesmaid, you need to also ensure that you throw a great bridal shower that will delight your friend. Get in touch with all her friends and plan a surprise if you like so that she will be well and truly excited. Depending on her personality you can plan the activities of the day. You should also consider getting a stylish sash and a crown as well as a great cake to celebrate this sensational day.

Help the Bride with the Wedding Planning

A wedding is not at all an easy event to plan! There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration when the day is being planned. You should do your best to help ease the burden that your friend is bearing. If you are living in Australia, you can help your friend find a professional wedding dress designer Sydney has. Accompany her when she goes for these appointments and help her find or design the perfect dress. Help her plan the menu and finalize the guest list as well. Always ask if she needs help with anything before you volunteer to assist and always remember that it is her wedding day, not yours, so be willing to accept her ideas too!

Pay for Your Own Outfit

You will be getting a brand new outfit on the day. You know your friend will be spending an incredible amount of money on her wedding. You can really ease the financial burden that she has to bear by offering to pay for your own outfit. You get to keep your dress after all so there is no reason why you shouldn’t pay for it. This generous gesture will indeed be much appreciated by her.

Fulfil Your Duties on the Wedding Day

When the day finally dawns, you must get ready to be of great service to your friend! Help her with the proceedings of the day. Hold her veil when she needs you to and bear with her when she complains way too much! It is her big day and it is not easy going through the formalities of a wedding ceremony! So you really need to have patience. Quite a number of guests will be expecting you to help them too as we all tend to assume that bridesmaids somehow know everything there is to know about the wedding venue and the proceedings of the day! Stay sane throughout this process and manage your duties well. Your efforts will indeed be greatly appreciated!

Hope you enjoy a great time at your friend’s wedding in spite of all the duties that you will have to fulfil.

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