How important is appreciation and recognition to your employees

If you happen to be the boss in your workplace maintaining a good and smooth relationship with your employees should be on top of your list. It is part of your job as the boss to make sure that you and the people you work with get along with each other and your employees should also be happy and satisfied with their jobs.

Keeping employees happy and contented with their current job may not be as easy as what you or other people may think. If you want to keep your employees for a very long time make sure that they have something to look forward to when they come to work everyday. As their leader you must also be ready to meet them halfway in order to establish the right amount of trust and respect with each other.


If you want to retain your employees, make sure to keep motivating and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves. Continue to challenge them by giving them random tasks and responsibilities that will definitely improve their knowledge and skill set plus it will also increase their morale because of the amount of trust that you have given them.

Break the monotony in the workplace by constantly thinking of different ways to motivate your people to come in to work everyday.


Do not forget to give them recognition for big or small accomplishments that they have done for the company. Show them your appreciation by ordering them birthday cakes online and organize a small gathering in the workplace just to celebrate and bond with each other. This kind of tradition are also being done by some business owners who happen to have maintained a very good and lasting relationship with his employees.

An effective leader is not afraid to lead their people to greater heights that is why it is important that you constantly mentor your people and give them the opportunity to grow in the industry. Ask them about their short  and long term plans and formulate and action plan on how would you be able to guide that person into turning these goals into a reality.  An employee would be more than happy knowing that someone is willing to work with him in achieving his goals and overcoming his challenges in the workplace.

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