First steps to dancing

Doing a dance class and performing a dance in front of an audience are two very different things. Not everybody has the stomach for the later. Your toddler’s first dance class is an important milestone in his life, for him and most importantly for you.You will most often be his first dancing partner, a memory you will cherish even as he leads his bride across the dance floor.

Dancing is fun and a great way to let off steam, most importantly it’s a great time for mommy to take a breather. 2-5 year old are always looking for new ways to play and goof around and dance classes are great way to make that happen.

A great way to have fun

Dance lessons for toddlers are not formally structured and in no way run like an actual class. The objective of the program is to introduce yoga, stretching, relaxation, musicality, drama and of course dance into a toddler’s world and developed specifically for the ages of 2-5yrs and suits boys and girls equally.

A great way to learn

Creative Dance and Movement develops confidence, performance and team work skills. It is a hands on approach to inculcate the idea of sharing and being sensitive to the feelings of others as there are many occasions in class that they will see that their peers are in some ways similar to them and in many ways different to them. It is a great learning experience that can be absorbed only through real life situations and the class is a great way to introduce some great values into them too.

Dance for toddlers Sydney cbd are a team of professionally trained dancers who also have a knack for teaching. They are specifically trained to create a welcoming environment that encourages and attends to each and every concern of our little ones.But as each child is different and doesn’t warm up to the class even after a few sessions, mommies are welcome to request a refund so you may join an activity your babyseems to enjoy.

A great way to stay out of trouble

Moms of two or more can relate to this. There is never peace at home. They can never agree on the same thing and they never stop fighting. It helps to have a change of scene and be around more of their peers where they can interact and share more play time with while learning something new every day.

Classes usually go on for a half or so , in a toddlers world this is right about the time they are ready to move on to the next thing so the timing is great too!



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