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Extraordinary Wedding Traditions Around The World

Typically, weddings take place with the desired ceremony of the groom and the bride. A short program in the chosen reception follows this ceremony. During the program, the newlywed couple dines and socializes with their guests. Although this is the general practice among weddings, every wedding remains different from each one. In fact, a wedding reflects the cultural traditions of the origin or resident country of the groom and/or the bride. This is actually one of the reasons why weddings vary worldwide. Though some may be perceived as peculiar, these practices are still being valued as they have been engraved as the country’s cultural identity. Here is a list of some of the extraordinary wedding practices around the world.

South America

Intentionally made a month before the wedding itself, the engaged couple is tasked to bury a whole bottle of Bourbon at or near the location where they will pledge their vows. Note that the bottle should be buried upside down. This will serve as an offering to prevent rainfall on the wedding day itself. However, regardless of the weather, the Bourbon will still be dug up on the wedding day to be shared with the guests. If this is the case, be sure to dig wide enough as a Bourbon bottle might be small but it can be a little wide compared to other bottles.


Cake cutting is a common practice in weddings. However, what makes Peruvian weddings more special is their cake pull style. Before the newlyweds cut the cake, all the single ladies are called to gather around the cake. The cake, on the other hand, has white ribbons protruding from it, in which every single lady must choose one. Simultaneously, all the ladies pull out the white ribbon. The lady who will pull out a ring from the white ribbon will be the next one to get married. If this is the case, better to get your wedding party supplies Canberra ready for that cake, white ribbon, and ring!


During the wedding, the newlywed couple goes through their first test by sawing the log using a two-person crosscut handsaw. The wooden log must be saw in half regardless of the bride’s wedding look. This practice symbolizes how the groom and the bride should work together in the future to overcome any trials. Although the sawing might take some time, there are instances when the fathers of both the groom and bride are kind enough to saw through the log halfway. This way, the newlywed couple will not have a hard time sawing it. If this is the case, be sure to get those biceps ready for some sawing!


Prior to the wedding, Scottish brides undergo the ritual of “Blackening of the Bride”. During such ritual, the bride is being covered with dirty items such as spoiled fish, beer, flour, oil, and everything else that can make the bride look filthy. Afterwards, the bride is paraded in the streets for everyone to see. The rationale of such is that if the bride is able to withstand this challenge, she can easily handle other troubles that can come during their marriage. Although in some cases, the same thing is being done to the groom. If this is the case, prepare anything filthy a few days before so you are prepared for the ritual.

Although these practices may seem bizarre, they should be respected as this defines cultural identities. These are customs practiced over many generations, hence, it should be treasured and preserved.

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