Activities You Must Experience When Visiting Sabah for a Weekend

We all have different interest and our hobbies often get cultivated from it. If you happen to be visiting Sabah, Malaysia for a single day, then here are a few activities to consider trying in order to make lifetime worthy memories.


Try White Water Rafting

Whether you’ve always craved adventure, or you simply want to try out an adventurous sport on your visit to Malaysia, white water rafting should be ideal for you. This activity can feel exhilarating, but teamwork and being connected to those around you really works here. If you have time to plan your weekend ahead of date, consider signing up and reserving a place for yourself in Borneo tour packages. This will make sure you don’t get disappointed on the day of your activity.

Play With the Turtles

If you have 2 days and a single night, consider spending those precious moments playing and connecting with one of nature’s most adorable creatures¾turtles. Thanks to Malaysia’s many beaches, turtles are a frequent visitor to most occupied islands. However, if you want to spend a day exclusively basking in the gentleness of these creatures, you should consider spending your time on a turtle reserve.


Explore the Seas

Malaysia is proud to have some of the prettiest beaches and clearest waters. This being said, Malaysia also has many options when it comes to exploring said waters. While the waters near resorts are generally quite shallow and child friendly, you can easily enrol for snorkelling, and give yourself a chance to explore the vast and deep sea. One question many people have is if this is an activity that is friendly for beginner divers. Our answer is that there are many beaches suitable for those not very experienced in handling the sea. Again, reserving your space online will be very valuable to you to avoid disappointment on your single day exploring Sabah.


Play the Tourist in the Most Real Sense

In this day and time, most of us prefer “winging it”, and not having to play the tourist in the countries or cities that we visit. However, since you have a time limit for being able to explore Sabah, we suggest that you do some of the cliché tourist things when it comes to exploring Sabah; just so you will have the experience. Consider taking a city tour during the day, which generally lasts only for a few hours.

Get Familiar with Their Culture

There is no better way to explore a city, than by its food. This is also one of the most successful methods to get familiar with the culture of the city, as well become one with the locals. As you have an entire day, try out both the street foods, as well as the high-end restaurants. Don’t be shy to ask the locals for food recommendations, or even recommendations for their favourite street stall. Most locals, worldwide, love showing off their city in whatever small way they can.


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