4 simple ways in which you can personalize your clothes

You may be one of those creative people who love to represent a unique and personal twist to how you style your clothes. There are loads of fun ways that you can customize your clothes to highlight your personal style. If you would like to add a touch of flair to a boring jacket that you own, you can use various mediums such as paint or beads and so on to create a completely unique and beautiful clothing item. Here are a few ways in which you can customize your clothes to suit your style.

Creating embroidery

Although you need some practice to learn embroidery, it is fairly easy if you want to get a ready-made embroidery pack to sew your design on to a jacket or pair of pants. You can pick patterns from sewing books or online. Make sure you use the appropriate needle and thread when embroidering, for example; jeans will require the use of a thicker needle and thread.

Personalize with prints

The simplest way to personalize your clothes is to get designs or monograms printed on to the article of clothing. T shirt printing is popular and effective to add your own quote or monogram on. There are also monogram machines that you can purchase if you plan on doing it for others too. For a funkier look, try turning old t shirts in to crop tops and then have your own design printed on it.

Using fabric paint

Fabric paint works on most materials and can be used on a pair of jeans, top, shirt or jacket. Depending on the intricacy of the design, you can use a paint brush or a foam brush or even a stencil to capture the design you want on to your piece of clothing.

Sew bows, zippers and laces

You can also add other types of materials on to a bland, plain jacket to create a visual interest. For example, sewing a bow on to the pocket of a jacket or a pair of shorts will instantly add flair to your clothing. In addition, you can include beautiful lace pieces to create a cute look and give texture. Or you can add lace sleeves to a tank top to give a completely new look! Coloured zippers can be added to further style your outfit and make them easier to put on. Cut a slit on the area you want the zipper to be inserted and voila! You have a brand new look to your mini skirt or flowy top. 

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