3 awesome gift ideas for the geeky buds in your life

This really is the golden age for geeks everywhere! Smart devices that can be carried virtually anywhere, online shopping and mass production technologies has given this very special populous the opportunity to indulge in all the best things that money can get them. However, if you have to get such an individual in your life a gift any time soon, you will have to browse through so many catalogues, websites and stores before you can find at least one thing that might truly interest them. We are here to help you in this next to impossible endeavour by providing you with a few very specific suggestions on what you can gift your nerdy pal to make them very happy.

For all nerds-LEGO!

LEGOS are a universally loved and timelessly exciting source of fun that anyone would love to receive as a present. I know I would! One of the best things about LEGOS is how they offer versions of different difficulty and complexity levels to meet the requirements of pretty much any age group. In fact, for the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, there are a total of 7500 individual pieces, which would probably take at least a couple of days to put together, even for a fully-grown geek.

For the hardcore Pokémon fans

This may be a mere cartoon or a game for you, but for your geeky friend, it is most probably a lifestyle! Growing up playing these games 24/7, they have accumulated more knowledge about the fictional creatures that they battle with in the virtual world, than the once that exist in the real world. As for the things you can gift them, there are several options, which are all equally great. A set of new Pokémon trading cards that will help your pal become the greatest Pokémon master will surely make them crazy happy and you can expect a whole lot of love for giving them the “best present ever”! Action figures and collectibles are also right up there, along with booster boxes and costumes and games.

For the gadget geek

These are a set of individuals who are overly curious and always feel the urge to take perfectly good machines, gadgets and equipment apart, just so they can learn about what lies within. This is a fun obsession to have, until they inevitably hit the point where they will requiresome sort of weird looking gadget that they do not possess if they intend to take things apart further, which would suck. Gift them with a super-useful kit of essential tools, that will come in handy whenever they take anything apart, ever again.

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